Branding & Strategy


Your brand is about more than a logo – it is a reflection of the core values of your business and over time how others will think of you. A clever name and a pretty logo with a product that doesn’t meet expectations, married with lousy customer service, is at the end of the day, just a clever name and a pretty logo. You can frame it and close your doors.

We don’t take this step lightly. When you consult with Jet Marketing about your name and logo design, we’re going to come up with ideas that reflect the attributes of both your product /service and how you will be conducting business. We’ll conduct the research then unleash our creative chops and find your company’s sweet identity spot. We’ll help you find the name and logo that you’ll be proud to have represent you.



This is the fun part of putting all our hard work in motion–launching your new name (if decided), look & feel and crafting a precise marketing plan that includes set tactics on what to market and how. We work off our high-level marketing strategies to create specific messaging for the main brand and sub brands, implement our graphic standards in marketing collateral and media outlets, create a social media plan and identify key staff to work with to carry the plan into the future.


Case Study

With the growth of services, providers and facilities, the original Campbell County Memorial Hospital name was no longer viable for a growing system. With feedback from the community and key stakeholders, Campbell County Health was born.

“Campbell County Health is a healthcare system located in northeastern Wyoming. We were looking for resources and expertise in graphic design, planning and response communication. We also wanted a firm that was small enough to give us personal attention with responsiveness and large enough to provide professional results with advice that reflects current marketing trends and practices. Jet has fulfilled both sets of expectations and has helped us improve the quantity and quality of our product.”

— Karen Clarke

Community Relations Manager, Campbell County Health