First Class Feature #4: Get to Know Our Digital Dweller & Social Media Enthusiast – Jenny Fischer

Circa 1980-something, strategizing my candle blow at a birthday celebration in San Diego, California —> with my permanent adventure buddy Micah, goofing off underwater in Hawaii in 2017.

Jenny Fischer

Digital Director

Jenny Fischer is the Digital Director at Jet Marketing and has been a part of the team since May 2018. With a background in graphic design, project management, media management and journalism, she brings well-versed experience to meeting clients’ design and branding needs, keeping projects moving along, and lending a creative approach to delivering our clients’ messages across digital platforms. A Colorado State graduate and season football ticket-holding Ram, Jenny has a soft spot for all things Orange since she earned her master’s degree from Syracuse University.

At Jet, we really get to know our clients, and we want them to know us beyond just a professional level. In the airport bin below, you’ll find some things that define who Jenny is when she’s not working in the barn.

Jenny’s Airport Bin Picks

  1. Art Box: Museum trips were a childhood favorite, and if I had my way I would spend the rest of my life visiting museums (luckily my adventure buddy would join in). In my professional life as a designer, I turn to midcentury classics and pop art of the 80s and 90s for inspiration.
  2. Chuck Taylors: An ever-present piece of my wardrobe since I was a teenager, Chucks are still a driving force in many of my fashion decisions. Comfy and timeless, this is one closet staple that’s not going anywhere.
  3. Red Sox hat: This ballcap has been everywhere with me, including a couple of games at Fenway. I’m proud to report that the Sox have won every time I’ve been in the stands. While born and raised in Southern California, my bicoastal roots take over when it comes to baseball season. #RedSoxNation
  4.  Tennis ball: I’m a terrible tennis player. This one’s for my two hounds Buck and Otto, a black lab and border collie who have an occasionally exhausting obsession with playing fetch.
  5. Pint glass and medal: These prizes from the second time I ran the Horsetooth Half Marathon combine two of my favorite things: craft beer and getting in a good run on the weekend–followed immediately by craft beer. Just to keep the story straight, there’s no danger I would win, I’m still aspiring to be an avid runner.

Top 5 Favorite JetTunes Contributions:

  1. “Sometimes Always” – The Jesus and Mary Chain (a standing workday background track from one of my favorite bands)
  2. “Howling at Nothing” – Nathaniel Raetliff and the Night Sweats (a killer addition to any road trip soundtrack)
  3. “Skipping Stones” – Tim Hanauer (at our wedding, Micah and I danced to a song by this local artist, this song was our introduction to him)
  4. “Nine in the Afternoon” – Panic! At the Disco (a guilty pleasure that jumps in my earbuds when I need a lift)
  5. “Real Love Baby” – Father John Misty (how can you not love this song?)

Curious what the Jet squad has been listening to lately? We occasionally drop new playlists on Spotify and share them with our Friends. Follow us on Spotify and check out our JetTunes playlist here!

About My Nonprofit of Choice: Surfrider Foundation

In the spirit of giving, this holiday season the Jet squad each chose an organization near and dear to our hearts to support, with Jet donating $100 to each.

Our digital Guru from the California coastline, Jenny is passionate about keeping the beaches she grew up on clean and protected. The Surfrider Foundation is a nonprofit dedicated to preserving the world’s ocean, targeting efforts regarding water quality, coastal preservation, plastic pollution, ocean protection and beach access. Growing up in the beach communities of San Diego, Jenny has seen the benefits of Surfrider projects firsthand. Giving back to the organization that has had such a positive impact on her favorite places – and continues to do so – keeps her connected with her hometown.

You can learn more about it here.

Stay tuned: This is the fourth of five First Class Features that will run periodically through the year. Read Jackie’s feature here, Erin’s here and Kati’s here.

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