First Class Feature #2: Get to Know Our Day-One Designer & Chicago-Based Mama – Erin Rogers

A photo of me as a little girl outside of our house in Springfield, Virginia —> Joe, our little ones (Ryan, 5, Ben, 2) and I partaking in some fall fun at Mars Resort in Wisconsin!

Erin Rogers

Creative Director

Erin Rogers is the Creative Director at Jet Marketing and has been a part of the team from the very beginning in 2009! She graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia with a BFA in Communication Design. She has worked in the agency world for 18 years, with her background in graphic design. Her specialty is creating and maintaining brands, across different media, with a clean approach that gets the message delivered on time and with expert results. She finds it immensely satisfying when things line up (in design and in life), and it drives her crazy when things are just slightly out of alignment (so please don’t do that!). 

Jet Marketing makes it a priority to build close relationships with our clients, many of whom become our friends. That all starts with getting to know us personally, rather than just professionally. In this airport “TSA” bin, you’ll find some items Erin collected that symbolize important aspects of her life.

Erin’s Airport Bin Picks

  1. Photo of my two boys: Ryan and Ben are my loves! They take up 99% of my life right now, but I’m totally OK with that. 🙂
  2. Wine and cheese: A classic pairing, and it must mean good friends/family are hanging out, so even better!
  3. Gym key tag: I’m trying to get better at being a regular at the gym. A great way at getting some much needed “me” time!
  4. Bon Appétit Magazine: I used to spend hours looking at food magazines (as much as for the design as the food) and finding recipes to prepare. My time in the kitchen is limited now (see #1), but when my cooking magazines arrive in the mail, I still feel ecstatic and can’t wait to grab a minute to flip through.
  5. Coffee: A must-have every morning (again, see #1)
  6. Beach shells: The beach is where I feel most at home, it’s restorative and healing. I slow down, breathe it in, and feel so at peace. Going once a year is never enough — why do I live in the Midwest again???

About My Nonprofit of Choice: Greater Chicago Food Depository

Giving back to the community is extremely important to everyone here at Jet Marketing. In honor of the holiday season, each of us chose a nonprofit organization we truly believe in, with Jet making a $100 donation to each. Mine was the Greater Chicago Food Depository.

The Greater Chicago Food Depository is the main food bank in Chicago, and it helps provide meals for hungry families while also striving to end hunger in the community. It acts as the hub for a network of more than 700 food pantries, soup kitchens, shelters and other giving programs that provide food to where it’s most needed.

This nonprofit truly means a lot to me, and I fully support their efforts to connect families in the area with healthy food. I have a family and two young boys of my own, and I can’t imagine what it would be like to be unable to feed them. By eliminating hunger, the food bank enables individuals to focus on other priorities, such as education, growth and security.

You can learn more about the nonprofit here.

Top 5 Favorite JetTunes Contributions:

  1. “Seventeen” – Sharon Van Etten (I turn this way up and run my heart out to it at the gym; it’s a great reminder that we’ve all been young once, so you gotta’ keep it up!)
  2. “Samurai Cop (Oh Joy Begin)” – Dave Matthews Band (reminds me of my boys, appreciating every moment they are little and so sweet and innocent —mostly! It’s already going by too quickly. *insert sad emoji*)
  3. “Hold On” – Alabama Shakes (takes me back to my 20s when life can be a challenge trying to find yourself and direction)
  4. “Wake Up” – Arcade Fire (I listened to this song/album over and over when it came out in 2004; the whole album is amazing and definitely has me feeling nostalgic. Amazing band to see live)
  5. “Beloved” – Mumford and Sons (Another song reminding me to stay in the present and to enjoy those around you, since time isn’t always on our side)

We don’t mean to brag, but the Jet team has some great taste in music. Check out our recent wintry Spotify playlist here, where you’ll find some classic holiday tunes as well as some soothing acoustic jams. Don’t forget to follow our other JetTunes creations here!

Stay tuned: This is the second of five First Class Features that will highlight each Jet Marketing crew member. We’ll run these posts through the holiday season, where you’ll get to know each us a little more than you already do and find out what makes us who we are! Oh, and you’ll see embarassing child photos, which is always a plus.

Who do you think will be featured next: Jenny, Kati or Katie? We’ve already featured our head honcho Jackie O’Hara — you can find that post here. To get first dibbs on these features, make sure to follow us on Facebook and select “See First.”

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