First Class Feature #1: Get to Know Our Boss Lady Extraordinaire – Jackie O’Hara

My third birthday was complete with a party dress  —> perhaps an influence to me casually wearing pearls to a brewery today? Always keepin’ it classy. 

Jackie O’Hara

Owner & Account Manager

Jackie O’Hara is our Boss Lady here at Jet Marketing, and she’s in charge of hiring great people, connecting the team with great clients and guiding us through creating great solutions. With a marketing degree from Colorado State University, she’s been fortunate to hold many marketing positions in her career, boasting more than 38 years of experience. In 2009, the stars aligned in such a way that she knew starting her own agency was worth a go. Ten years later, she’s sure it was the right move and she looks forward to 10 more years.

At Jet, we really get to know our clients, and we want them to know us beyond just a professional level. In this airport “TSA” bin, you’ll find some items that mean a lot to Jackie.

Jackie’s Airport Bin Picks

  1. Kissing couple on my desk: Belonged to my grandparents. When the figurines are close enough to each other, they kiss.
  2. Bulldog: This sat in my great aunt and uncle’s house, in the living room, like a watch dog. My dad gifted them this bulldog and likely created the collar around his neck. My great aunt and uncle lived right next door to my grandparents, so summer visits were a blast!
  3. CSU pennant: It’s always a great time to be a CSU Ram. Being a season ticket holder to football and men’s basketball, going to games is a favorite past time of mine.
  4. Coffee cup:  A hot latte in the morning and an iced “Boss Lady” special in the afternoon.
  5. Peanut M&M: Everyone needs a favorite sweet treat.
  6. Glass of rosé: And speaking of favorite treats, I’m a member of several wine clubs, from Portland, Oregon and Portland, Maine.

About My Nonprofit of Choice: The Health & Wellness Center at Centennial High School

Over the holiday season, the Jet squad each chose a nonprofit we’re passionate about with Jet donating $100 to each.

The Health & Wellness Center is a school-based health center model that provides students with integrated care (health and mental) at the same site they are attending school. In Poudre School District, there has been a clinic at Centennial High School for more than 20 years, and the program recently expanded to Lincoln Junior High. It allows kids to have access to mental and health care services when they need it, which allows them to get back to learning sooner. I serve on the advisory board for this effort.

You can learn more about it here.

Top 5 Favorite JetTunes Contributions:

  1. “Get Along” – Kenny Chesney (sure seems appropriate for our political times)
  2. “Amie” – Pure Prairie League (saw PPL in concert during high school and my best friend at the time was Amy)
  3. “Here Comes The Sun” – Beatles (living my entire life in Colorado, I think we are sun worshipers, and luckily, we have a lot of sunshine)
  4. “I’m a Believer” – The Monkees (If you watched the Brady Bunch, Davey Jones played several cameo roles — what 16-year-old girl didn’t love those episodes)
  5. “If I Had A Boat” – Lyle Lovett (Just a happy song with a crazy tale)

Every few months, our team collects some songs and we throw them on a playlist for our enjoyment (and yours too, of course). We have a Spotify holiday playlist out now that will make you feel like you’re the lead role in a Hallmark Channel Christmas movie. Follow us on Spotify and check out our JetTunes playlist here!

Stay tuned: This is the first of five First Class Features that will run over the next few months. Each of our Jet team members will get their own respective blog post as a way for you to get to know us on a more personal (rather than strictly professional) level. Some first-class entertainment for our first-class followers!

Who will be next: Erin, Kati, Jenny or Katie? Make sure to follow us on Facebook, and to select “See First,” to get first dibbs on these features as well as ALL Jet Marketing news!

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