Finding the Joy in an Unfamiliar Holiday Season

You guys, we made it. Almost. The holiday season has arrived, signaling we are near the end of the year. Buh bye, 2020.

We all know how unruly s/he’s been. But we’ve pulled ourselves up by the bootstraps and trudged forth — even when we didn’t feel like it, when it seemed like we couldn’t jump another hurdle, and when 2020 kept trying to drag us down.

Obviously, we won’t turn the calendar page and miraculously everything will get better and this pandemic will be over; but maybe the new year will be a chance for a mental reset. A chance to see things in a new light, and hopefully, the light at the end of the tunnel.

We often reflect this time of year on all of the things we are grateful for and the joy we have experienced. But since this year was markedly different, the holidays may not feel quite the same. Plans are canceled, gatherings are much smaller, and it seems like we have to get much more creative in how to keep the festive feeling alive.

Best Holiday Marketing Campaigns of 2020

For those of us in the marketing industry, we can appreciate the creativity companies are putting forth. Striking the right tone can be challenging, but particularly more so now than ever. You don’t want to be overzealous in your holiday cheer, but at the same time, it can’t be all hum drum – it is the holidays after all. I wanted to share a few excellent campaigns that have nailed it.

Xfinity Mixes Humor with Compassion

In an ad for Xfinity (the extended version is great!), Steve Carell plays Santa and informs his elves that usual gifts are not going to cut it this year. They need to rethink their whole operation. . . and fast. “That’s all, good luck!” he tells them.

It’s charming, heartwarming, and funny. It strikes the right balance of humor with compassion and acknowledges how tough this year has been for everyone. In the end, it’s about highlighting the little things and the feeling of the holiday spirit, even if we can’t be together (in person).

Virgin Hotels Makes Santa Relatable

In a series for Virgin Hotels, Santa is sipping his cocktail while recounting a few slightly naughty people on his list. He is willing to forgive — and even admires — a few sins, given the circumstances. “You’ve been good enough,” he says.

This advertisement is light-hearted, clever, and even better. . . shows Santa is giving us all a pass this year.

Match Aims for Sympathetic Laughs

In the latest campaign for Match, Satan has fallen in love with the personification of 2020. “Match Made in Hell” is a hilarious take on the year, with Satan telling us how he used Match’s custom search filter to filter out “joy, happiness, toilet paper, and reason.”

In the end, this ad shows it’s important to be thoughtful, with a nod to our situation, but don’t be afraid to spread a little cheer. We could all use it.

These campaigns all showcase our humanity. We are in this together, and we’re making our way through. I think I can even see a hint of light.

Be well this holiday season.

Erin Rogers, Creative Director at Jet Marketing

Erin brings her trademark creativity to every facet of her life – from work and parenting, to family playtime. While the COVID-19 pandemic has thrown this mama for a loop, we know she’s up for the challenge.

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