It’s All About the People

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, we entered a phase of figuring out what changes needed to be made, learning the magnitude of necessary adjustments, and realizing what elements would soon comprise our “new normal.” During this time, there was a lot of discussion about related shifts in the marketing industry. Much of the discussion surrounded adjustments to tactics, strategies for maintaining quality with lower budgets, and methods for giving a client confidence when the rest of their world suddenly looked so different.

We’re getting good at this now.

As we have moved through the past more-than-seven months of life with COVID-19, things have settled a bit. We have made the required adjustments to tactics, budgets, and tones, so maybe it’s time to look around and check in with our colleagues.

During a recent (masked and distanced) morning coffee meeting, I caught up with a friend and fellow marketer. While his one-man shop has a different business model than Jet’s, over the past seven months he has seen a lot of the same trends, his clients have the same new needs, and he has felt the same tug toward reaching out to check in on people.

This chat with a friend solidified something for me. It gave me the drive to take a turn toward the human element of marketing, and to begin taking care of others – our friends and colleagues in the industry.

Reach Out

I’ve had a couple of reach-out coffee and wine meetings, and they have all been great. Sure, we “see” people all the time these days on screens, and not often in person. It’s refreshing to take those face-to-face opportunities when you have them and encouraging to share experiences with someone you know is going through a remarkably similar experience.


Every one of us has been in a position to give another marketing team a shout-out, send them some work that doesn’t quite fit your current timeline or range, or just sing some praises for launching a killer campaign. Find those opportunities and run with them.


More and more, our colleagues need a hand. We have the ability to work with one another just as we work for our clients, and when cases like that arise, it’s in all of our best interest to step up. Look for those opportunities to partner with a vendor or fellow marketer, to bring strength to a project or work situation.

It’s been a long and strange seven-plus months, and all indications are that it will take a while longer to get through this pandemic.

Our success in this industry is directly related to our ability to think creatively, so let’s put that juice to good use by finding innovative ways to care for our friends, colleagues, and vendors working alongside us every day.

We can do this.

Jenny Fischer, Digital Director

While Jenny spends a lot of her time exploring the internet, she holds a firm belief that sometimes the best solutions to a problem are found in-person – during a meeting with a trusted friend over some quality suds or a good cuppa joe.

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