Uncommon (but commonly used) Design Skills

My 5-year-old is often getting ready for school as I sit down at my computer to start my workday from home. He’ll wander over and ask what I’m doing. I try to explain as simply and to the point as I can, although I sometimes see him walk away with a touch of confusion in his eye. It gets me thinking about how others view what I do for a living – design. We’ve all seen the funny memes, but this is my interpretation. . .

All joking aside, being a designer is the right mix of artistry, technology, psychology, persuasion, humor and flexibility. And while some days I find myself doing more persuading (or begging – please don’t change up the beautiful color scheme!) than actual art, it does take all of those things to be a successful designer. But what you may not expect a typical designer to be doing is, for example, brushing up on writing skills, finding the coolest new swag, or researching the latest ADA web regulations. Extending beyond the traditional job role and adding value to client projects in addition to great design.

How often do you find yourself doing something for your job other than what you imagined you’d be doing? We at Jet have learned that being lean, and wearing a few different hats, has led us to become very action oriented, with the ability to make informed decisions quickly, while cutting out the red tape and fluff. Whether it’s making a delivery for a client, learning the most effective way to use Google AdWords, or researching the latest mailing regulations, we can all benefit from being nimble and willing to chip in where needed. The owner at Jet once found herself driving two open-air dairy delivery trucks back and forth from Fort Collins to Mead, Colorado for a vehicle wrap project. Not exactly the type of vehicle you imagine the CEO driving!

So even if I’m not creating a museum-worthy piece of art every day, or animating the opening graphics to the latest action film, I am using a multitude of skills to help me be a better and more well-rounded designer. And won’t my 5-year-old be so impressed when I tell him all about my Star Wars project!

Erin Rogers, Creative Director at Jet Marketing

Erin constantly amazes her co-workers by staying calm, cool and collected while working from home with two boys, all the while creating amazing things for our clients.

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