What to do with that last straw

Iced coffee season is upon us here at Jet Marketing, which means we have been talking a lot about single-use straws and how to avoid using them. Stories are circulating widely about how many straws are found on beaches and in the ocean, and the devastating effects floating straws have on sea life. One viral video about a turtle found with a straw in his nose had a particularly strong impact on consumers and large companies, alike.

The abundance of coverage about where straws end up has left an impact on us, we are all on board with keeping straws out of recycle bins and landfills if at all possible. To avoid using plastic straws, Boss Lady Jackie uses a glass straw for beverages ranging from her morning smoothie to that afternoon iced coffee. The rest of us have been more aware of our straw usage, working to avoid use at all costs. I have compiled a list of fun and practical things to do with plastic straws once your afternoon iced mocha is gone.

  1. Straw Rockets

This is my favorite craft idea yet. Straw rockets can be made using pieces of scrap paper and tape, the launcher is your plastic straw–just aim and blow. These are the perfect way to perk up a slow day at the office, get the attention of your coworker, or entertain children of all ages.

Straw Rockets on Simple Play Ideas: http://simpleplayideas.com/make-straw-rockets

  1. Prevent Necklace Tangles when Traveling

We have all had a favorite necklace that has become ridiculously tangled while traveling. Once way to prevent that from happening is to thread the necklace through one or two plastic straws, then clasp it before packing it in your bag. The straws keep the chain on the straight and narrow as you jet-set to your next adventure.

  1. Perk up Flowers

We love keeping fresh flowers around, though the summer heat can take a toll on the longevity of any bouquet. Placing the stem of a flower through a straw before placing it in a vase will give it an added lift, and help your flowers look fresh a bit longer.

  1. Straw Paper Airplanes

A different approach to building paper planes, this design is made with a straw and two paper loops as its uber-aerodynamic wings. Find directions at the link, and rest assured, the plane still flies if you use paper instead of card stock.

Handmade Charlotte: https://www.handmadecharlotte.com/diy-straw-paper-airplanes/

  1. Hull Strawberries

Plastic drinking straws are the perfect size for hulling strawberries. By pushing the straw up through the bottom of the strawberry, the center, leaves, and stem of the berry are easily removed.

There are so many other creative ideas out there–creating wreaths, using straws to make beads, and creating swirly noisemakers are just a few of the additional ideas I found. One interior design company catalogued several beautiful chandeliers made from straws of all shapes and sizes.

The possibilities are endless for upcycling drinking straws, it’s time to start collecting them and get to crafting!


Jenny Fischer, Project Manager & Designer

Jenny loves iced coffee season at Jet, since she is usually down for an afternoon jolt and happy to go on the office coffee run. She loves hot coffee season for the same reasons.

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