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Long-Term Brand Strategy in a Short-Term Crisis

As I scroll through my email and social media feeds, I have noticed a few different approaches that companies are taking during this time of crisis. Some are on point, but it seems that others have been caught up in the present situation and perhaps have forgotten to stay true to their brand and overall strategy.

Here are a few points to keep in mind as you create content to ensure continuity as we navigate the current landscape. These will contribute to success and a positive brand image when we come out on the “other side.”

Stay authentic. Always.

Sounds simple, but it can be easy to forget in hectic times. Don’t lose sight of your original brand strategy.

Show compassion and keep your content relevant.

This could mean saving some of your content for a later date, if it isn’t the right message for right now. Consider your audience and what they may be experiencing before sending out any messaging.

Brands like Audi, Coca-Cola and even Chiquita are helping by promoting social distancing with simple and creative logo changes in their current campaigns.

Give back, but make sure you have the right intention. Think it through.

Allbirds is currently receiving some flak for their promotion designed to help healthcare providers. A great cause to support, but perhaps asking more of their customers than they are willing to provide themselves.

Don’t push sales, but get creative with engagement.

Alaska Airlines is providing free, fun Zoom backgrounds. Add some fun or humor when appropriate. The Getty Museum, although closed, called on their social media followers to recreate their favorite works of art at home.

While it may seem like we have already been in this situation for months, at some point, this will be in the past, and you and your brand will be positioned and ready to move forward.

Katie O’Hara, Project Manager

Katie loves the challenge of finding ways to help clients stand out in a crowded world. She believes that finding inspiration in unlikely places is the key to great ideas.

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