Thinking ‘Inside’ the Box

In a world of millions of great ideas, it can be overwhelming to think of something that hasn’t been done yet. But what if instead of coming up with something new, you just repurpose something that already exists? Reuse, recycle, RETHINK.

Think inside the box, but perhaps just redesign the box.


Speaking of boxes… boxed water. It has always been bottled water. Here is the same concept — different vessel, making this ordinary water instantly unique. Putting things in a carton isn’t new either, but this one is cute and purposeful by cutting down on plastic bottles.


Apps… There are more than 2 million apps available. How could there be any left to create? A recent find for me (although not brand new) is AllTrails.

The idea of crowd-sourcing reviews and information related to businesses isn’t new, but here it is applied to public places and used to help fellow outdoor enthusiasts find the right trails (hiking or biking) for their goals and abilities.

Posters or Signs — With a Twist

You need to create something informational. Simple signs or posters could be used, but combine it with an interesting concept or give it a personality. Make it memorable.

These signs for a recent Jet client’s open house with actual employees were a morale booster, recognizing everyday people who contributed to a much bigger than everyday project. Cardboard cutouts aren’t new, but this is a creative way to purpose them for an event.


I have seen some pretty innovative trade show booths, but Otterbox took theirs to the next level at a recent Outdoor Retailer show in Denver. If you have been to the Convention Center in downtown Denver, you have seen the giant blue bear peering in the window.

Otterbox created a giant, multi-panel window cling with an image of their coolers — and presumably paid for the spot right underneath the bear for a big impact.  (Eagle Creek also getting bonus points for eye-catching creativity with the “Quit Your Job” campaign next door).

If you find yourself struggling for fresh ideas, try REthinking inside the box and see what you can come up with.

Katie O’Hara, Project Manager

Katie loves the challenge of finding ways to help clients stand out in a crowded world. She believes that finding inspiration in unlikely places is the key to great ideas.

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