Why Your Content Marketing Strategy Should Be More Like March Madness

The month of March brings forth several holidays and traditions, but what is it about March Madness that attracts millions of people, who don’t typically care about college basketball, to join pools, fill out brackets and become obsessed with players, teams, and the entire tournament year after year? What can we learn that can be applied to our own marketing strategies?

Three Influential Content Marketing Strategies from March Madness
It’s important to have a balanced plan that takes in to account social media posts, newsletters, or notifications to draw your audience in; and a plan for content that keeps people coming back for more. If you are wondering how to incorporate this into your plan, here are a few pointers from March Madness that will give your content marketing strategy a slam dunk.

  1. Know Your Audience

As you reflect on your content strategy, consider the audience you want to attract, not necessarily the audience you are currently attracting. Take the time to consider a deeper understanding of the consumer’s life. What matters most to them, today and at different moments in time. This effort will ultimately create a better understanding of their goals, needs, and challenges.

The NCAA knows their usual college basketball audience. While truly committed fans are still watching in March, the immense majority of onlookers are only along for this brief ride every March. This is why the marketing, advertising and communications around March Madness are designed to keep this bandwagoner audience engaged and coming back each year.


  1. Make it Magnetic

Your content strategy should act as a magnet that pulls your audience in pre-emptively, without having to rely on push notifications and other forms of communication. We are blasted with emails, texts, calls and app notifications all competing for our attention that we are becoming immune to these techniques. Therefore, your content really needs to stand out if it’s going to get the attention it deserves.

Although, the NCAA uses push notifications to alert you about the nail bitter games, upsets and buzzer-beaters, it’s the design of the tournament itself and the trivial markers it creates that keep people checking their brackets continuously throughout the tournament. It’s imperative to intertwine these magnetic markers into the structure of your campaign and content so people want to come back on their own, rather than having to be pushed. 


  1. Keep It Simple

March Madness continues to evolve with the times. It includes online streaming, apps, etc. but it’s still all about the competition and the brackets. As you look to evolve your strategy, use your organization’s mission and values as a guide to keep you on track.

Consider your organization’s business goals and brainstorm content and campaign ideas, appropriate for the nature of your business, that will ultimately lead to your intended outcomes. “Hype” and “buzz” are great, but qualified leads and revenue are almost always better.

Take this opportunity to become the content marketing champion within your organization. By putting your audience first, keeping it simple and giving them a good reason to keep coming back will magnify the impact of your campaigns and content moving forward into the future.

Kathryn leaning against an orange chair outsideKathryn Kudra, Intern

Kathryn is a proud Ram, and will genuinely miss emails from Tony Frank after she graduates this spring.

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