Y2.02K: Reflecting on the Past 20 Years

The O’Hara Family, 2000

And like that, it’s the beginning of the second decade of the century.

I can’t help but to reminisce a little bit about Y2K — the year 2000 was looming big back in 1999. Will our systems work without a “19” default in the date? Will the world come to end like some radical groups predicted? How do we handle “00” as a default shortcut for the year?

Luckily, the hype turned out to be just that.

On New Year’s Eve, December 31, 1999, our family headed up to a big ranch in Wyoming to meet family friends for a very uncommon celebration. The historic ranch house from the 1800s was not winterized, but we did our best with fireplaces and candles. All dressed up in vintage clothing, we played games and talked about the future. (If you haven’t used a pail of water to flush a toilet, then you haven’t lived.) Our smartphones didn’t work, but wait . . . we didn’t have smartphones.

At midnight, we made our way out to a field and we just watched the sky. We listened for the pending doom and watched for the earth to go up in flames. As you know, that didn’t happen, but it was a memorable night back in time to celebrate the new year ahead.

Fast forward 20 years (Y2.02K). While it’s hard to deny that climate change, global political unrest and the non-stop contamination of Romaine lettuce haven’t clouded the last few years; the marketing industry has seen positive growth and many new opportunities.

Devices of all shapes and sizes that provide all-time access. Responsive website technology. Social media platforms that energize marketing reach. More marketing data than ever before. Shared collaboration and workflow tools. Google. The option to work remotely. More attention to family, wellness, sustainability and other social causes. Fitbits, electric and self-driving cars, scooters, rideshare, bings and bongs, and who needs a watch? Did I miss any?

All in all, it’s a good time to be helping our clients with their marketing. With more options, our clients benefit from well-thought-out and integrated strategies. Some avenues give us data and give us the luxury to monitor, report and learn. We are seeing clients succeed with more traditional efforts as well, showing again that sometimes what’s old is new.

I wish you and your marketing efforts a very successful new year and if you need help navigating the options, give us a call. Watch for an update to this blog in 2030 – Y2.03K.

Jackie O’Hara, Boss Lady

Jackie loves getting to know a company personally during the process of crafting or updating its brand. Always looking for unique ideas, she finds the most simple and honest ideas are often the most effective.

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