Balance: Life, Work and Marketing

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We are at the beginning of the summer months — school is out and it’s getting hot.  I’m finding the long days can be more productive; more time to work, more time to exercise, more time to swing in my hammock, more time to try and find balance.

The dictionary says balance is “a condition in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions.”  I like that, “correct proportions.”  Perhaps achieving balance is a different combination of things and in different proportions as you move through the seasons.

At Work:  Summer can be a challenge. With staff members taking turns being on week-long vacations, that means there is a gap that other team members need to fill.  Is your team ready?  Are they cross-trained so that your level of customer service doesn’t miss a beat?  If coverage doesn’t go well, what can be learned and implemented before the holidays are upon us?

At Home:  Days are long, but also hot.  It’s a great time to shift your workout to the cool mornings before work, rather than planning a workout in 90+ degree heat after work. I recently installed a hammock between two trees in my front lawn.  Now, that’s where I head to de-stress when it’s hot outside.  Just the back and forth motion, swinging between two strong trees, balances me.

What does this have to do with a blog from a Marketing company?

What applies to personal life often applies to professional life. Summer is a great time to consider a new combination of marketing activities to set you up for the rest of the year, such as:

Marketing Photos:  Summer is a perfect time to get new photography of your facilities, staff and service lines.  Everything is green and there are leaves on the trees.  Take this opportunity to be prepared with new custom photography that can be used all year.

Marketing Audit:  When was the last time you walked around the outside of your facility, or the inside for that matter; being totally aware of your customers’ experience?  How easy is it to find main signage, directional signage, posters, collateral materials, etc.?  Make a list of improvements that are needed, do what you can now, then add the rest to your budgeting wish list.

Marketing Planning: What season could be better for having lunch on the patio with staff or with customers to talk about the fall and beyond?  We are at the mid-year point — have you accomplished what you set out to accomplish so far, or do you need to pivot?

Large Marketing Project:  Sometimes the largest projects get bypassed in a normal day, as smaller pieces are easier to tackle along with daily interruptions.  The summer months could be a good time to tackle one of those larger projects.  Perhaps there is some quiet time with team members on vacation, or it’s your culture to take your laptop or notepad outside and away from distractions.  Tackle one big project—you’ll be glad you did.

Events:  Attend those events that you’ve been meaning to attend, if not for pure pleasure, as an opportunity to see how other marketers approach a special event. What new ideas might you be able to adopt?

Balance is in the eye of the beholder, for sure.  I don’t have kids at home any longer, so I’m pretty much in charge of my own day. I’m working on finding balance and not only enjoying this time of year but making sure I’m ready for the next six months of 2018.  I might even finish reading a novel in my hammock!

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Jackie O’Hara, Owner/Account Executive/Strategist

As the “boss lady” at Jet Marketing, Jackie is usually struggling to find time for herself. But when she does, there is nothing like a glass of wine and immersing herself in the latest copy of Darling.

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