Zoom backgrounds, courtesy of Team Jet!

Team Jet has moved to a virtual workspace, as has much of the country. Slack, conference calls and Zoom meetings are more important than ever as we keep Jet flying from the comfort of our home offices.

We came up with a few options for you, so your next Zoom meeting can be from a different location – or en route to a different location – to spruce up your next virtual meeting.

Check out the Zoom backgrounds below, to add something different to your next meeting. Directions for using the backgrounds are as follows:

  1. Start or join a Zoom meeting, with video turned on.
  2. In the Zoom window, click on the up-arrow to the right of the Stop Video icon.
  3. Select “Choose virtual background.”
  4. Click on the + sign to the right of the Choose Virtual Background text.
  5. Select “Add Image” from the menu.
  6. Upload your image and return to your meeting from a new location.

Jet Set Green Chair

Star in our next Jet Set video! Drop in on team Jet, and take a seat next to Bandit for your next meeting.

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Take it Outside

Horsetooth Reservoir is one of our favorite places to be during the spring and summer months. So, take your business outside for your next meeting!

Download Image

Jet Office Barn

Drop in on the office, to see how the place is looking these days. We miss our office, but it’s just within reach for those Zoom meetings.

Download Image

Business Class

Take that next Zoom meeting from the comfort of business class, en route to your next destination. We’ll be off on great adventures soon enough, in the meantime we can pretend to conduct business (or a virtual happy hour) from 35,000 feet.

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