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We love supporting educators with view books, course guides, community reports, newsletters, campaigns, ads, vehicle wraps, swag and whatever else serves your purpose.

Power Your Future educational material from Gilette College Foundation

As educators, you have several different audiences to target–parents, students, the community and businesses. We help you create the best approach to your outreach needs by offering marketing guidance and project support.

Educators are embarking on more and more digital strategies to accommodate busy people who want quick answers and easy ways to navigate through options. At Jet, we help you create social media campaigns that target your student audience or speak to their parents. Email campaigns are a good way to boost select class enrollment or inform about a new program or degree. Parent handbooks, view books and newsletters can be both print and digital, living on your website as a simple flippable book, or complete with links to videos that go more in depth with student stories, research successes and staff and faculty superstars.