Jet Gives Back for the Holiday Season!

December is a month filled with reflection and the promise of a new beginning on the horizon. It’s the time of year where we bust out our Christmas decorations (if we haven’t already), fill our bellies with good food and spend our holiday of choice with the ones we love most.

It’s also the time of year where we feel it’s important to give back to those who might not be as fortunate as us. Though our team gives back all year long, most charity is highlighted near the holidays.

This holiday season, the Jet squad sought out to make a difference. In the spirit of giving back, something that is important to each of us, we decided to do our “gift-giving” a little different this year. So, each of us chose a nonprofit that means a lot to us (and trust us, it was hard to pick just one!), and Jet kindly donated $100 each to the organizations we chose.

If you’ve received a holiday card from us this year, this might look familiar. We wanted to take a a moment to talk about the nonprofits we each chose, how they help the communities we care deeply about and why they’re close to our hearts.


Humane Society of Moffat County

Katie, who resides in the northwest Colorado area, is a huge animal lover, like most of us on the Jet team. The Humane Society of Moffat County is an all-volunteer nonprofit based in Craig that assists animals in need. For more than a decade, the organization has been helping with facilitation of adoptions, public education on responsible pet ownership and other outreach programs.

As someone who grew up with dogs in the home and is surrounded by other pets she loves, it’s clear as to why this nonprofit means a lot to Katie.

Want to see how the humane society helps animals in need in northwest Colorado? Learn more here.


Health & Wellness Center at Centennial High School

Jackie serves on the advisory board for this effort: The Health & Wellness Center at Centennial High School in Fort Collins. The center offers integrated and comprehensive health services (medical and mental) to all Poudre School District students who are enrolled.

This nonprofit is important to Jackie because it allows junior high and high school students to receive the services they need, right when they need them, at the same site they attend school. These types of health services tend to be costly and hard to access for families, meaning the child might not receive the care they need. Making them accessible through this organization ensures students get back to learning and furthering their education sooner, ultimately bettering their futures.

Learn more about how the center helps out the local community here.


Surfrider Foundation – San Diego County Chapter

Our digital Guru from the California coastline, Jenny is passionate about keeping the beaches she grew up on clean and protected. The Surfrider Foundation is a nonprofit dedicated to preserving the world’s ocean, targeting efforts regarding water quality, coastal preservation, plastic pollution, ocean protection and beach access.

Growing up in the beach communities of San Diego, Jenny has seen the benefits of Surfrider projects firsthand. Giving back to the organization that has had such a positive impact on her favorite places — and continues to do so — keeps her connected with her hometown.

Learn more about the foundation and its efforts here.


Greater Chicago Food Depository

Our remote worker from the Chicago area, Erin has lived in northern Illinois for the past 10 years and is passionate about helping those in her community get the proper nutrition they need. The Greater Chicago Food Depository is Chicago’s food bank, and it serves as the hub for a network of more than 700 food pantries, shelters, soup kitchens and other giving programs. The nonprofit aims to provide food for hungry people while also striving to end hunger in the community.

When families are hungry, it’s hard for them to focus on other priorities, such as security, growth and education — that’s why this nonprofit is especially important to Erin, who has a young family of her own.

Learn more about how this organization helps feed families here.


Dear Jack Foundation

Kati has been following the Dear Jack Foundation since she was a teenager attending shows by her favorite band, Jack’s Mannequin. The lead singer eventually went on a hiatus because he was diagnosed with leukemia and was battling the deadly disease; he was one of the lucky ones who survived. He eventually founded the Denver-based nonprofit, which supports initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life for adolescents and young adults who are or were cancer patients.

With a history of deaths caused by cancer in her family, Kati admired how someone could turn a terrifying experience — something most of us will never have to go through — into something that could benefit others.

Learn more about Dear Jack’s efforts here.

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