Magnet & Baldridge Applications


Over the last several years, Jet Marketing has honed its Magnet® Electronic Submission Tool by working with excellent nursing programs at a variety of institutions. We are eager to enhance Magnet® submission teams and bring our expertise to the table. Whether you are submitting for Magnet® recognition for the first time or applying for re-designation, we can help you submit a polished application.

Once you provide us with the guts, we create the glory–a custom, clickable, off-line website of your submission designed expressly for Magnet® appraisers. Your Magnet® site is customized with your own branding colors and images. We see Magnet® designation as an extension of your brand, so the application should be a strong reflection of your organization and values. Many of the hospitals we work with elect to do the writing themselves and contract with us for the formatting and digital file creation. Others take advantage of our additional services, including editing, proofing, and graph creation.

Your personal site will function just like a regular website with clickable tabs and easy to follow navigation. It’s intuitive and simple to use. No cumbersome .PDF file. No teaching yourself HTML. No hassling with your IT department. Our product wraps and brands your content and makes it ready-to-submit on a USB travel drive. And if needed, the design allows you to print each page or attachment in a hard copy form with maintained branding.

We’re with you every step of the way, from the initial piece of evidence through the final request for additional documentation. And most importantly, we will help you to meet your deadline with a mutually agreed upon production schedule.

At Jet, we like to think of ourselves as a member of your team. We understand how the process works, and we’re here to support you through it.

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“We get buried in this task alone, so having Jet take care of the organization and presentation is invaluable.”

— Danielle Schloffman, RN, MSN, Ne-BC, Magnet® Program Director, University of Colorado Hospital

“Another vendor expected documents six months ahead and had penalties for missing deadlines. We so appreciated your flexibility and how you were in it with us to the end.”

— Shelly Collings, MBA, MSHA, Magnet® Program Administrative Assistant, University of Colorado Hospital


Formatting the compact Baldrige Performance Excellence application is also part of Jet Marketing’s resume. With a clear understanding of the specifications, our design team is masterful as creating graphs and charts and making everything fit neatly in the 50-page limit. We customize the cover, tabs, and color palette to meet your branding standards. Still a print application, Jet can provide the printable pdf, or create the beautifully bound and tabbed applications for you. Proofreading is part of our process to building your application.