Five Ways to Boost Momentum for Your Business’ Social Media Pages

It can be difficult to keep your business social media pages fresh and relevant.  It often falls onto the back burner, but having a set schedule for your posts can help you stay on track.  Plan campaigns and content so that you have a steady and consistent presence on news feeds and stay top of mind.  While you may have different strategies for LinkedIn than Facebook and Instagram – it’s important to stay on-brand across all posts.

Need a few ideas to get the creative juices flowing?  Try incorporating these five ideas into your business social media posts:

  1. Use imagery and illustrations to promote your product or service.

Everyone loves a visual and these can quickly convey your message to those scrolling by.  Info-graphics using statistics are very powerful and can add value to your posts. Other visual elements could include event invitations, captivating photos or video clips – all will draw attention to your post.

  1. Educate Customers on popular topics.

Share interesting or surprising facts that are relevant to your product or service.  Post a current news article or share your latest blog.  Include bits of information that may be obvious to you, but not your potential customers.  This content can also help drive traffic to your website if the information is applicable to the audience.  Choose subjects that directly relate to your customers and will propel engagement and attract followers.

  1. Highlight community involvement.

Showing dedication to philanthropy and volunteering will help your post viewers connect with your company and the causes you support.  Showcasing these efforts through ‘feel-good’ stories will appeal to those inside and outside your community and add to the integrity of your company values.  The bonus is that it can also raise awareness for these projects or charities you are passionate about!

  1. Showcase the company culture.

Add a personal element to your pages by giving followers a peek into the day-to-day operations and office vibes.  Feature an employee, team-building event or a unique aspect of your business.  Photos and stories about people tend to create engagement. Give your customers (or potential customers) insight into your culture, and maybe even attract a great employee.

  1. Share testimonials or recent projects your company has worked on.

Cross-promote your customers and create a portfolio within these platforms.  There is no better way to tell the world what you do and how well you do it.  Showing your audience real-life examples of your work can inspire them and ultimately attract their business.

Once you’ve incorporated great content into your posts, make sure to respond to engagement and encourage employees share posts for a further reach. It is also important to have a complete profile that is on-brand and informative, so once you have attracted and engaged your audience, they can find the information they need.  Don’t have time for all this?  We know who can help!

Katie O'Hara leaning against an Adirondack chairKatie O’Hara, Project Manager

Katie loves the challenge of finding ways to help clients stand out in a crowded world. She believes that finding inspiration in unlikely places is the key to great ideas.

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