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Sharing the good things and managing the bad.

Let our experts help you improve and maintain your brand’s reputation and approach to crises.

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Comprehensive Crisis Communications and Public Relations Services

Our work with clients doesn’t stop with branding and marketing — Jet is happy to provide guidance on public relations and crisis communications. Crisis communications aims to limit the amount of damage caused by an unfortunate incident by taking active steps to avoid a foreseeable problem. Or, to cool a situation down once it occurs. Or, to send out information to customers quickly in the midst of a global pandemic.

How a business or organization responds to a crisis or controversy tells a lot about their brand. Think about your business as a person. If you get it wrong, are criticized or make a public error, do you get defensive and deny it or ignore that it’s happening? Or do you show your human side, and:

  1. Own it.
  2. Apologize for it.
  3. Tell why it won’t happen again.

These are the three steps our team applies toward errors and problems our clients face, but we also employ an array of other crisis communications techniques, depending on your situation or current local, national or global events that affect your community.

Experts in Research

We have the tools and know-how to thoroughly research your community and ensure we create messaging that is relatable, informational and digestible to your audience. Our team knows how to work through a dynamic event or situation to ensure your organization or business is on top of the ball. For example, for our healthcare clients, we constantly watch for updates related to COVID-19 from the CDC and other credible entities.

When you choose Jet, you choose a proactive team who takes the time to research critical events and put in the work outside of our regularly scheduled meetings and what’s in ink on our client proposal.

What We Do

At Jet Marketing, we believe in taking the human approach to crisis communications. While people might still be upset, worried or frustrated, they appreciate when companies and organizations take the high road. They appreciate mistakes owned and a willingness to adapt, thereby keeping your integrity — and your reputation — intact.

We help our clients with public relations challenges on an ongoing basis, in a fast and responsive way. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business, healthcare facility or company!

We’ve helped our clients with the following situations:

  • COVID-19 communications
  • Troubleshooting data breaches
  • Publicly communicating cybersecurity concerns such as ransomware
  • Addressing and diffusing negative viral videos on social media
  • Cooling down public outcry on dollars spent
  • Unifying employees around new names and logos
  • Instilling confidence after past errors
  • Preparing neighbors for new development projects
  • Researching an ongoing pandemic
  • Crafting and preparing press releases to inform the public of a potentially negative situation
  • And more!