Project Support

Need a poster, a one-time brochure, or a digital campaign? Maybe your needs are chunkier, like a marketing plan for a new business or putting together an application for the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program. Either way, we act fast to get you on your way.

Our Marketing Project Support Services:

  • Advertising Campaigns
  • Applications for the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program, the regional Rocky Mountain Performance Excellence and others
  • Collateral Development
  • Custom Newsletters and Publications
  • Marketing Plans
  • Media Strategy and Planning
  • Search Engine Marketing Plans (Organic and Paid)

Get the Successful Project Support You Need

Sometimes, we call these types of projects one-offs. Your marketing department can’t find time to create an annual report, so our marketing agency can help step in to get it done. A new business needs a temporary banner while its permanent sign is being made. No problem. You want to create a billboard, but you’ve never done it before. We have the contacts and the expertise. Or, you simply want help designing a logo, media campaign, or collateral items for a start-up. We’re here to serve.

Your short-term project will get just the same time and attention to detail our steady clients receive. But watch out, we find that once people work with Jet, they come back, and soon enough we’re working together regularly.

Experts at Regional Excellence Applications & Malcom Baldrige Framework

The Jet team has years of experience and the expertise to help clients with their applications for the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program and the regional Rocky Mountain Performance Excellence award, as well as other regional quality awards throughout the country. Our clients find that trying to use Microsoft Word to format these applications is frustrating and very time consuming. That’s where we step in.

We can format your organization’s or company’s application to these prestigious entities in an effort to help you win your desired award. Everything from professional charts to graphic illustrations is a niche for the designers at Jet. We understand the Baldrige guidelines and will ensure your application meets those standards. We work with clients directly as well as some seasoned consultants.

If you need help with your Malcom Baldrige or Rocky Mountain application, call Jet at (970) 218-4797 to see how we can help.