When it comes to customer care, we take it back to business basics: Building solid relationships. Honoring commitments. Delivering more than you expect.

How we fly

We often consider our clients as friends. We know their favorite team and what their spouse does for a living. We have drinks after a long day of video shoots and board meetings. We value building meaningful relationships and being accessible and responsive to your inquiries. When you contact us, you hear back, often within a few hours–and there’s a good chance we already have a solution in play. We pride ourselves in jet-fast turn arounds to help you meet your deadlines. Our clients are continually impressed by our speed and precision, and we work hard to keep it that way.

You’re the pilot, we’re your crew

We trust that you know your capabilities and where you need support. After all, it’s your business, your plane. We’re not going to take over the controls and put you through a formulated process of self-discovery or market analysis. Rather, we start where you want to start. We can serve as your co-pilot, ready to fly the distance with comprehensive marketing and branding strategies, or as your crew on shorter flights for specific projects that require logos and graphics, content, videos, web, social or marketing collateral.

We take a practical approach to marketing and we understand the production process–helping to create products and designs that make sense and impress.

Meet the Crew

No layovers, straight to your destination

We take you where you need to go–maybe you simply need us at-the-ready when your internal marketing team gets into a crunch and wants someone sharp and skilled to handle the overflow. Or you could need an outside expert eye on a reputation management challenge, rename or rebrand. Possibly, you don’t have a marketing team and you need us to be that for you. We’ll partner with you however it makes sense.



Campbell County Health is a healthcare system located in northeastern Wyoming. We were looking for resources and expertise in graphic design, planning and response communication. We also wanted a firm that was small enough to give us personal attention with responsiveness and large enough to provide professional results with advice that reflects current marketing trends and practices. Jet has fulfilled both sets of expectations and has helped us improve the quantity and quality of our product.

Karen Clarke, Community Relations Manager, Campbell County Health
We get buried in this task alone, so having Jet take care of the organization and presentation is invaluable.
Danielle Schloffman, RN, MSN, Ne-BC, Magnet® Program Director, University of Colorado Hospital
Another vendor expected documents six months ahead and had penalties for missing deadlines. We so appreciated your flexibility and how you were in it with us to the end.
Shelly Collings, MBA, MSHA, Magnet® Program Administrative Assistant, University of Colorado Hospital