Custom Publications

Reflect your organization’s unique personality with a with a custom print or digital newsletter, community report, magazine, or other type of publication.

Our Process

Keeping your target audience and current calls-to-action in mind, here’s how we’ll tackle your custom publication:

  1. We facilitate an initial editorial meeting with you.
  2. Our team sets up and conducts any interviews.
  3. We arrange for any necessary photography and design elements to include.
  4. We print your custom publication for you. If your publication is virtual, we will send it out to your email list.

Get Professional Help On Any Of Your Custom Publications

Maybe you’ve got writer’s block? Not here! We have wordsmiths to provide fresh ideas that show off your brand on every platform.

At Jet Marketing, we write various forms of copy, delivering the voice of your brand in a friendly, inviting style. We get to know you and suggest ideas to promote your current products or services in user-friendly ways, such as testimonials and employee bios, so that our words resonate with your audience. The Jet team creates an editorial outline and a production timeline to keep your publication on point and on schedule.

When creating virtual or print publications for our clients, we provide just what you need. Maybe you want to supply the copy and let us give it a final polish.  Maybe you want us to start from scratch, even conducting interviews to get the scoop. Whether you need a newsletter, magazine, annual report, or some other type of custom publication, we’ll ensure that your audience is receiving pertinent information in a professional format.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business with any of your custom publications.