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The time has come when AI is noticeably taking over not only our conversations but also the jobs of many people. We see AI working more and more all around us, but how does its performance compare to that of an actual person? With its advanced AI capabilities that have recently been released, ChatGPT is challenging lots of people who are wondering the same thing.

Staying Authentic

We have discussed this topic in previous blogs, but one marketing tactic that has proven to work well is using real people in your marketing campaign. Sure, ChatGPT could write up an evergreen healthcare article by just providing it with a few keywords, but can it give quotes from people around the community to help back up its points? At least not yet it can’t.

People want to hear from those they trust and see faces that they recognize. You simply can’t get that from a robot. As marketers, we’re able to provide a more personal tone to marketing campaigns because we take the time to create those meaningful client relationships.

The Soft Skills

Now more than ever, those that work in marketing are going to be focused on how they can stand out from AI systems. This is where our soft skills come into play.

ChatGPT does not truly know what a client or an organization needs, it will output what it believes you want. This is where strategic thinking becomes an advantage. A real person knows the intricate details of their client’s wants and can bring their vision to life exactly how they envision it.

Interpersonal communication is also a huge factor, and AI creators are aware of this because automated responses already exist. But what about those emails you receive that require more thinking and more unique problem-solving to get to a solution? AI may create more problems rather than solve them. To avoid frustration and maintain trust, people continue to prefer real people when they are looking for customer support.

Lastly, it’s important to consider how your content is being distributed. ChatGPT may generate great content, such as an article, but how is it going to get that article to the client’s desired audience? Generating content is just one piece of the overall strategy. There are many moving parts that are involved after that content is created. A professional will eventually need to step in to help integrate and leverage that content throughout your marketing mix.

ChatGPT offers some cool features, but don’t expect the same quality of work that you would receive from a hard-working marketing team.

Alexa Marriott, Digital Production Coordinator

Alexa is always eager to take on new challenges and learn all that she can about marketing. With her degree in business and interest in digital and social media marketing, she works to elevate her clients’ online presence.