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Many people enter the new year with resolutions, but how many are followed beyond January? The same goes for new social media trends. New trends are emerging every year, but many fizzle out eventually. If you notice your resolutions beginning to slip or your marketing strategy losing momentum, you can try maintaining the success you did have by optimizing.

Optimizing means reworking something to where it can continue to perform the same or better than it did before. You can optimize pretty much anything – websites, social media, digital ads, your daily routine, etc. So, instead of solely focusing on new things to try out with your strategies this year, it’s also important to reflect on what you did well in 2022 and try to optimize those successes.

You can start by asking questions internally and externally. Find out how others responded to what you did and why. You can do this by sending a quick survey to clients or using the Poll/Question stickers on Instagram stories. Being an active listener to this feedback is crucial to maintaining your success in the new year.

It’s also a good idea to do some research. What are other “big players” in the industry doing? If your current strategy isn’t working, use your own creative spin on their strategies and see where it takes you. By being unique and taking chances, your pages will continue to grow online and possibly initiate the next big trend on social media!

Hold yourself accountable for making optimizing a priority. Block out time each month and find opportunities to optimize projects; ones that could use more help AND ones that are already performing well.

As the ball drops and we ring in 2023, remember to take a moment and celebrate your 2022 successes. Happy New Year and happy optimizing!

Alexa Marriott, Digital Production Coordinator

Alexa is always eager to take on new challenges and learn all that she can about marketing. With her degree in business and interest in digital and social media marketing, she works to elevate her clients’ online presence.