November 1, 2022

Achieving a Strong Social Media Presence

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Everyone wants their brand/work to be seen and appreciated, for that to happen, people must target the right audience. In today’s world, it’s easier than ever to reach your target audience through social media. Especially when they are used correctly.

When social media platforms are used correctly, your business can take off. But if it’s a foreign or new thing it can be difficult to know how the different platforms can help your brand.

The first thing to know is what platforms are used the most; these platforms are Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. Each platform is used by people of different ages and interests, and all use different forms of media. Facebook and Instagram are the most similar content-wise– both are platforms that use photos, and 24 hours stories for smaller things that people want to share. The biggest difference between the two platforms is the ages who use them. Over 50% of Instagram users are in the age range of 18 – 3­4.  While most Facebook users are 35 – 44. Because Instagram users tend to be younger, your brand should tailor to that. And the same goes for Facebook.

When using Instagram, create your account as a business account, this allows you to see what audience is looking at your page. You also want to use hashtags, locations, ads and influencers to make the most of your profile. Your profile is your brand, so you use it to show off. Create highlights, add a link to your website, and have a way for people to contact your brand through your profile.

Facebook is pretty similar to Instagram, yet there are more variables. You can create posts with text, images, videos, links, post stories, or create groups. To know which way to post content, you need to know who your audience is, their age, gender, interests, and stage of life. All these different pieces allow you to tailor your content to your audience best and give your brand the best chance to succeed.

The next major social media is TikTok, the future of marketing and social media. They have over 1 billion active monthly users. If you want your brand to get seen, TikTok is the platform to take a chance on. It is a social media platform where videos control the feed, each ranging from 15-60 seconds. Now you’re probably thinking, “How does posting short videos help my brand?” Don’t let the content scare you away, there’s a multitude of reasons to use TikTok. One is that the algorithm is run by the users. Each person’s feed is tailored to what content and hashtags they engage with. So, by following the trends and using the right hashtags, your brand can get thousands of views in a few days. The key with TikTok is to create a branded account, stick to a theme and be consistent, collaborate with influencers, use hashtags, and use advertising channels.

Social media can be a scary thing to get into, but due to the new social trends, the way to be credible is to have a strong social media presence. Use a platform that your audience engages with the most, follow accounts similar to yours, stick to a consistent theme, and go for it.

Molly Wulff, Marketing Intern

Molly is a senior in high school who is excited to get a head start by learning from the best. She loves to read, spend time with her family, and is always down to watch a musical, or perform in one.


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