October 1, 2022

Meet Generation C: The Muse to your Digital Marketing Efforts

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Connect, community, curate, collaborate, content, create… now some say Covid. The ‘C’ in Generation C is said to stand for many things. However, one thing consistently defines the latest generation – they live, fully immersed, in a digital world. The better we understand the citizens of the digital world, the more likely our digital marketing efforts will succeed.

Unlike Generation X, Y and Z, age does not define this technologically inclined group, but rather, a way of life does. You may belong to this group – let’s find out.

You are a part of Generation C if:

  1. You consistently engage in online communities, consuming AND creating content.
  2. You share your life often on social media.
  3. You own an abundance of devices such as tablets, smartphones, laptops and smart TVs.
  4. You prefer to bank and shop online.
  5. Flexible work options are a must – you like being able to work from home.
  6. You pay little attention to traditional media like tv, radio and print.
  7. You feel like you can’t go anywhere without your phone.

Are you a part of Generation C? If so, congrats! Generation C has gained more control over brand expectations and responsibility than any other group. They demand more personalized service, instant communication, quick answers, honesty and integrity. Fully immersed in the digital world, there’s a lot of noise for this connected generation to filter. Although knowledge is highly valued, Gen C is time-poor. They can get overwhelmed spending time sifting through lots of messaging that is available right at their fingertips.

As brands and marketers, we are now held to a higher standard than ever by Generation C and we must evolve to their demands… to demand their attention. How do we stand-out and engage Generation C?

Create Content Across Digital Channels and Devices

For Generation C, the internet no longer sits stationary behind a computer screen. It’s integrated into their lives 24/7, and it’s instinctual for them to engage with content across all platforms whenever and wherever they want.

Optimize the User Experience

Slow-loading, unorganized, information-overloaded sites are incredibly frustrating for Generation C. They want to be able to find information quickly without obstacles (this includes not being bombarded with pop-ups). They prefer a responsive website across devices and browsers, fast loading, easy to navigate and simple yet visually aesthetic.

Allow for Self-serve Options

Master multi-taskers, Generation C prefers to be able to complete a task, such as scheduling an appointment, while waiting in line for example. Making a phone call can interrupt their multi-tasking and take far too long. Time is currency after all.

Build Trusting Relationships

In the era of “fake news”, Generation C trusts their peers above all. When they choose products or services, they read reviews and recommendations first. As brands, review management should be a priority, taking accountability and action when receiving negative feedback and thanking users for positive feedback.

Generation C loves technology, but they also crave humanity. Brands can build trust by building a personality with values. This communicative group wants their voice to be heard and feel like there are people listening behind the brand. 

Create Valuable Content and Make it Easily Shareable

Gen C highly values content, community and collaboration. Rather than being blasted with advertising, Generation C prefers content that adds value to their lives and those of their online friends. When they feel inspired by a brand’s content, they are very likely to share it and create ongoing conversations about your brand.

Directing your digital marketing efforts for Generation C requires more time, more innovative campaigns and overall, more responsibility. Although rewarding, this is not an easy task – Jet is here to help you!

Lindsey Hanson, Digital Marketing Manager

Lindsey has been a nomad in the digital world since its creation in 1993, joining networks on MySpace to Instagram and present-day (incognito) appearances on TikTok. She began her career in Digital Marketing 7 years ago and has evolved into a marketing ambassador, bridging the gap between the virtual and real world.


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