August 30, 2022

There’s no dust on these old tools

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Jet Marketing


The evolution of graphic design for digital marketing continues to rapidly advance. With the fast pace of evolving technology, it’s fun to take a step back and reflect on which tools have remained the same when executing a beautiful design.

Every morning, I turn on my computer and jump right into work. I start up my Adobe programs and immerse myself in the latest design technologies. But, there are several times throughout the day that I still find myself pulling out some old-school tools.

  1. My Pantone books. I still refer to these almost every day. Sure, you can look at the color libraries online in Adobe, but nothing is as truly accurate as your Pantone book. Colors can vary from monitor to monitor. There are so many shades and variations in the books, they’re also just plain beautiful to look at. Even when my kids see the Pantone books they are in awe of how many colors there are – not just 10 Crayola colors!
  2. I have a sketchbook that I don’t use every day, but I still pull out when I’m working on a new logo design or if there is a certain project that I’m stuck on. Drawing and sketching are skills that can help increase creativity and strategic thinking. Using a doodle or sketch in your printed/digital design is also a memorable way to relay information. It creates a unique personality and often clarity. For example, I like to use sketches to show steps in a process or to quickly convey a tip or callout.
  3. The printer – I still print out projects to get a different perspective from the computer screen. Sometimes the type feels too small (or too big) once you see it printed out. Or maybe the balance is off. To get a feel better feel for the layout, I like physically holding my designs.
  4. Paper mockups – If there are multiple pieces to a campaign or project, it’s nice to see how everything will fit together. Or if there are different folds/panels, it’s important to see how everything flows once folded and unfolded.

Technology and graphic design go hand in hand and are always going to change and advance. It’s important to learn and grow with these shifts but, call me old school, there are some tools that just shouldn’t ever go away. Whether you’re designing for print or digital, these tools can help facilitate a beautiful design — and give us a break from using the computer!

Erin Rogers, Creative Director at Jet Marketing

Erin brings her trademark creativity to every facet of her life – from work and parenting, to family playtime. She finds breakfast time with the kids (and a big cup of coffee) to be the best time to connect and get the creative juices flowing.


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